mercredi 12 décembre 2012

 Djerba   holiday

so the rest of the photo from  my days in Djerba " shouth of tunisia " !!!

 as i promised you yesterday  here

I't was great time ; great people just amazing place  :p

I was there with my baby love  ;we just love it & I invite you to visit !!

We spend   three days  at the maison leila maison d'hote :D

                                                        maison leila

  the pool, le pti déj, coffee, decor, home ...... everything is beautiful.

the food was so yammy ohh yeah !!:p :D

mardi 11 décembre 2012

 the sneak peek of my vacantion

Salam ladies & girl   im  sorry for  this absence i was so busy & You knew ,it's life ,work and responsibilities ,

I miss all friends here , i'll try to keep in touch. & you can follow me

   via  facebook    or  twitter   !!

I 'll try  to post  every day , i wish so  !!

I was in trip with my baby love "hakim" in Djerba "island" south of  tunisia   "this a sneak peek "

keep in touch to see the rest of  photo

 ps don't forget to follow me in twitter & facebook

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

chocolat  passion !!

 bonjour les filles <3 je veux  partager avec vous  mon fondant au chocolat !!"coeurs coulants!. " :D

jeudi 20 septembre 2012

lundi 17 septembre 2012

les slippers  les nouvelles ballerines

Depuis la rentrée 2011, les slippers se sont imposées comme le basique essentiel. Nous retrouvons ce type de chaussure chez toute les maisons de couture^^

mercredi 12 septembre 2012

mardi 11 septembre 2012

les 10 lecon de mode  d 'Anna dello russo

Anna dello Russo, rédactrice de mode mondialement célèbre, lance pour cet hiver une série d'accessoires pour H&M. Et les conseils plein de bons sens qui vont avec.


mercredi 30 mai 2012

      photo of the last week

Hey Guys !! THis was some of my pics when i went to Gabes ( south of tunisa ) it's near to TaTawin :)
it's so pretty place :)
Ijust take some of photos ♥ hope you like :)

mercredi 23 mai 2012

mercredi 16 mai 2012

                     Photo of Tuesday 

Yesterday,the weather was  very beautiful ^ ^ :)
I spend the morning with my girlfriend.& my cousin  au  caffeé, then we go to the boutique i find a great bag of dreams <3 louis vuitton sac
Then ,After noon I spend all day in the house of my grandmother "she cooked a very good couscous yummmy"
enjoy the pics have great day <3

lundi 23 avril 2012

mercredi 28 mars 2012

DIY Glitter  Boots
THis was my Old shoes  ... so as you see the shoes looks so ugly kekeke !! but that was one  of my favrorit shoes so i didnt want to throw it way !!! So i do my first DIY :p
all you need :
off course your old shoes & the glitter

lundi 13 février 2012

                                   3 Suisses  la collection Printemps Été 2012 $

 New insight into fashion for spring and summer with this time a collection of three Swiss and retrieval of young designers. Attention, we did a shoot color.
Throughout this well-orchestrated mix of trends, is retained mainly:
the current Japanese-style, with kimonos and trousers printed with very fluid purposes (see also draped skirt), one might even wear pajamas. But the very pajamas classes then.
the universe worn by African wax prints, those trinkets. This is a slew of punchy colors and prints very graphic. To procrastinate, there is another side influence safari khaki beige tones.
breath seventies still gathers the basic colors like orange, blue and camel Klein but awakened by lemon, bubblegum pink or green franc
the neo-bourgeois version with polka dot pants and XXL shirts buttoned to the neck but wisely wanton by a miniskirt and neon orange Creepers


jeudi 9 février 2012

                                                            snow in the Sahara desert tunisia <3
Residents of the southern Tunisian towns of Tataouine , small desert cities that furnished the setting for Star Wars movies, woke up to an unusual sight today: snow.oh yeah woooooo!!
The snow started to fall overnight from Sunday to Monday, leaving a thin layer that was enough to transform the landscape from an arid desert to a glistening-white tundra.^^
enjoy it ^^ !!!

vendredi 27 janvier 2012

                                                      GREAT GIFT    !!!
My lovely sister buy me a super pair of Nike sneakers ohh yeah & yap i m so happy ^^
tell me what you think about it GIRLS !!

ps; It was long time that i want it & you can find it ""

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Spring-Summer 2011

                                 New Look and Etam Collection Spring-Summer 2011

No surprises then, New Look remains perfectly true to the forecast trend Spring / Summer 2012. By offering safari looks, among other things (mix of animal prints and parts kaki), skirts and pleated dresses galore, the sportswear dressing in neon blasted with mini-shorts sponge, zippered jackets and jogging printed.

But the lace dresses and tops crochet embroidery of the trend, style pearly Naiads with leggings and tops tie & dye, to the pastel shades and lemon. Everything is there. Even the band combos / pencil skirt and suit / bermuda flowers.

While the new collection Etam ready-to-wear is revealed gradually in-store and on their website is the opportunity to reflect on what it will bring the best for spring-summer 2011.

• Trend Jardin Fleuri and fresh spring hues. Small colorful flowers strewn tops, jackets and even combined! Matched with a whole range of denim shorts or pants that flare just give an air of 70's. It holds the top smocking and halter tops.

 Trend Broderie Anglaise: macramé, lace, lace. Everything comes in white / off white and pure feeling of lightness. Mostly long dresses and retro shapes, fabric knotted straps on shoulders and sleeves structured. It holds the lace dress Natalia to her cup resolutely vinatge look and virginal.

Color block trend: mainly United, here the game will mix the colors - jukebox color - for dynamic silhouettes and full of pep. What wake up her wardrobe a good boost. It retains the trench raspberry color and vitamin combination bustier very graphic in purple and black.

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