lundi 21 novembre 2011

Le sac noeud d'Accessorize

 The coral is more than likely this summer. So treat yourself to this beautiful bag. Very smart with his bow, he will shine in the evening or a ceremony. In everyday life, it will give a touch of color to your outfit. A very girly accessory to always be trendy

Le corail est plus que tendance cet été. Alors offrez-vous ce joli sac. Très chic avec son noeud, il brillera en soirée ou à une cérémonie. Au quotidien, il donnera une touche de couleur à votre tenue. Un accessoire très girly pour être toujours très tendance

dimanche 20 novembre 2011

fist post

hey the is my first post & i wish that you love it girl ,it's all about fashion <3

H&M, la collection spéciale fêtes2011


A la carte several topics including a Japanese-style kimonos with many in the
mode since this summer. Mainly black and red, and adorned with flowers
Oriental for the holidays is a kimono will mix well with black pants
very simple. Elegant and refined it effectively replaces the traditional
little black dress for those who get bored. Below, you can opt for
a black tank top boat, do not bother to do too much, for better cons
tie your kimono. If there is no belt or cord supplied with a
black scarf and the end will do

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