lundi 13 février 2012

                                   3 Suisses  la collection Printemps Été 2012 $

 New insight into fashion for spring and summer with this time a collection of three Swiss and retrieval of young designers. Attention, we did a shoot color.
Throughout this well-orchestrated mix of trends, is retained mainly:
the current Japanese-style, with kimonos and trousers printed with very fluid purposes (see also draped skirt), one might even wear pajamas. But the very pajamas classes then.
the universe worn by African wax prints, those trinkets. This is a slew of punchy colors and prints very graphic. To procrastinate, there is another side influence safari khaki beige tones.
breath seventies still gathers the basic colors like orange, blue and camel Klein but awakened by lemon, bubblegum pink or green franc
the neo-bourgeois version with polka dot pants and XXL shirts buttoned to the neck but wisely wanton by a miniskirt and neon orange Creepers

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