mercredi 12 décembre 2012

 Djerba   holiday

so the rest of the photo from  my days in Djerba " shouth of tunisia " !!!

 as i promised you yesterday  here

I't was great time ; great people just amazing place  :p

I was there with my baby love  ;we just love it & I invite you to visit !!

We spend   three days  at the maison leila maison d'hote :D

                                                        maison leila

  the pool, le pti déj, coffee, decor, home ...... everything is beautiful.

the food was so yammy ohh yeah !!:p :D

this some pics of our suit Amira  i just full in love with the arabic architecture "so me "

 our tv yeah
 le pti -djé

 the view of our suit " the terrace"

 the pool

 arabic sallon

 the souk & the sea super amazing place !!

 tea time tunisian tea so yammy with tunisian cake yeah

 grill fish super yammy

 some other suite door !!

 our suit Amira

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  1. Bonjour!!
    j adore ce post!!

    Angela Donava

  2. wow!!

  3. Great post!
    Following you now :D Xoxo.

  4. Thanks the visit on my blog dear...
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  5. Wow wow wow, I want be there!

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  6. nice pix !!!


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