lundi 23 avril 2012

Photo of the last two weeks


the two last  weeks  i was so busy  that's way i didn't post any messages & also i have a big trip with my friends ^^!!
I was in Bizerte  a town on the north  of Tunisia "the northernmost point in Africa" Where the scenery will make you think you are in a European country
   The greenery, mountains and snow and beaches and wonderful scenery.
Then we visit Tunis  "souk el arbi"  was  super amazing & I buy many great thing .
the last day i was in Tataouine  "a town in south-east of Tunisia"
my grand parents town yeah !! also we take look the souk &  it's was great then we go to the mountains & we visit the houses of ours parents !!!
I past the weekend with the familly watching "real madrid vs barca" yeah we win !!
I leave you to look at the picture!  if you like it come visitTunisia <3

some pics of Bizerte

 The souk in Tunis & Tataouine

The village of my grand  parents :)

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